Get your plant
back to normal

In wastewater, normal is good. Normal operations mean efficient, cost-effective and on-schedule progress. That is why we have made Plant Assistant: An intelligent application that helps you get your plant back to normal.

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How it works?

Microscopic evaluation made easy

Upload microscopic sample image

Use your microscope to get a good image of
the suspected bacteria. Then upload the image
to the app, using your preferred device.

Analyze microbiology

Our AI-powered algorithm analyzes your image,
and returns a list of potential bacteria matches.

Take action

If the water microbiology shows unhealthy signs,
follow the steps to get your plant back to normal.

Better business with biology

Through a process known as bioaugmentation, we have carefully chosen
a diverse set of microorganisms that – when added to the secondary
treatment units – can help the existing microbial community withstand
process fluctuation, degrade compounds and improve water effluent quality.

During times of plant upsets, bioaugmentation has consistently
proven to be a cost-effective, fast and simple way to normalize operations.

Time is money

Instant troubleshooting

Plant Assistant enables instant microscopic
evaluation and prescribes the best course
of action, so that you can get your
plant back to normal fast.

Improved water quality

Maintaining effluent quality can be
challenging during times of distress.
Bioaugmentation has proven to be an
effective way to ensure high-quality effluent.

Lower cost of upset

Bioaugmentation offers a cost-effective way
to normalize operations, compared to other
alternatives, while also reducing the risk
of surcharges and permit violations.

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Want to see if Plant Assistant can help you identify
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